In these hands

Time, what will you prove?

Time, what will you show me?

Time, what is the next move?

Time, going forward slowly

Around the world, I’ve been searching Continue reading “In these hands”


Tormenting Drop Out of Teaching in China

2015-10-13 00.00.01

Miss V. versus Sixth Graders

I’ve been thinking for a while now about how to write on this subject. I still have loads of raw writings stashed away, pending to be polished and published. I’ve been back-dating my Guangzhou posts here on this blog (I had issues publishing stuff while in Guangzhou). This was a tough topic to open up about even to my family, especially to the parents because I wasn’t down for hearing advice or wise words of any sort. I was not okay. Continue reading “Tormenting Drop Out of Teaching in China”