Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #3 Wake-up Juice

Now that I am back in Seattle, it is easy to forget how difficult it was to get coffee in Chengdu. I’ve restored my state of having coffee all around me. Like we all do once in awhile, I’m thinking about how much money I’m spending on coffee each day. The commute is much longer here, from home to work, then to school. In the early early dark mornings, my coffee shop is right by the transit center. A cup costs around 1-3 dollars, which is nothing. A cup of coffee here costs pretty much half of a cheap meal. Comparing the values of a cup of coffee with a meal, the cost of coffee isn’t high. Continue reading “Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #3 Wake-up Juice”


The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #2: Sugar


Last time I discussed how much I had to adjust to get my daily coffee dose. I did instant coffee packages, canned iced coffee, instant coffee from vending machines, and instant coffee from milk tea shops. Also, for a little time period, I just completely stop drinking everyday.

I still don’t drink everyday. I only have something like above, once or twice a week or so. I’ve been big on drinking water recently because of how hot it got the past couple weeks (30*c/86*F in my room!). Continue reading “The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #2: Sugar”