A Punkish Poem for you, GFW.

Dear Great Firewall of the People’s Republic of China:

IMG_6337 (1)

I wrote this during office hours. I couldn’t get good web searches with PRC Bing. Many of the English language searches appears, but I can’t go in to read the content. For images, searching in Chinese is my best bet. When I do it in English, the choices are scarce, and most of the time I can only get the thumbnail because the website hosting the image is blocked. I feel like any page not from PRC is blocked now. For obvious reasons, I can’t install a VPN on my school computer (running on Windows XP), so I sometimes bring my laptop to work to Google.

What is worse than censored internet is no internet at all. The internet at school has been very very bad for weeks. It was beyond slow, even a 2kb text file wouldn’t load. So terrible no work could be done. Nobody knows why the internet suddenly broke down. Even with 3G data on my iPhone, I cannot transfer data to my Powerpoint slides on my work computer or laptop without internet. I wish Air Drop would work iOS to Macbook.

They wouldn’t let me go home to get work done (a 10 minute walk away!). The teacher in charge of me said in Chinese, “No, every teacher has to be at school from 8-5.” That call BS on that one though, because the other foreign teachers don’t actually have to stay at school unless they have class or other activities. I didn’t mind staying in office, but why prevent me from doing work? Not like my 1 kilobyte per hour internet back at home would be any better, though.

Betting on the chalkboard sounds like the most reliable idea. Hand-drawn class materials and chalkboard, FTW.

ps. I find it funny how every person in China says, “pee-pee-tee” for Powerpoint. Plus, I’m sure most people use .pptX now :P


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