Sports Festival at my Chinese School

Before the school closes for the week-long holiday, they celebrated National Day with the Sports Festival. On the day, the weather was just right for an outdoor event. Not sunny, overcast skies but no rain. They were lucky that the typhoon didn’t come a day early. On the day before the festival, the principle announced on the PA to make sure every student brings their own water, since the school cannot provide enough drinking water for everyone.
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Teaching Primary School in Guangzhou

I was told I start teaching right after the National Holiday.

The school promised me teaching materials for all my classes. Since my schedule is packed for 18 classes per week, they don’t expect me to plan everything all by myself. The school has about 42 classes total. I’m expected to teach all of them by the end of the year. For the first semester I was set to teach grade 1 (7 classes), grade 5 (6 classes), and grade 6 (5 classes). Each classes has around 40 students—this means I have class with approximately 720 students per week!! Continue reading “Teaching Primary School in Guangzhou”