OSAKA!! OSAKA!! April 30 – May 1 2014 (5)

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Getting towards the climax of the trip, I have to say my days in Osaka were my most favorite days during this trip. In Osaka, I spent most of my time alone. I also probably spoke the least Japanese here, and spoke a lot of English and Thai to other guests at the Youth Hostel. Continue reading “OSAKA!! OSAKA!! April 30 – May 1 2014 (5)”


Summer Afterthought

I thought the passed Summer would be different, but it turned out just like any Summer. I go missing for awhile. In August, as I expected, I was so busy and tired from work, my free time was spent carelessly.

Summer always put me in a strange melancholic mood. I get nostalgia, nocturnal, a lot of things from the past runs through my mind, but not really deep in thought. I start thinking about what to do next once September approaches, and realize that I’ve been daydreaming all Summer.