New to Contact Lenses

It has been a week since I got contacts. I went over my limits the first few days. I wore them all day long on those days, and my eyes weren’t used to them yet. I also think they needed some time to recover from the rough practice I had with taking them off. The first day I really poked my eyes hard. I also think I destroyed my contacts by using eyedrop that are not for contacts ;x I’m not sure if I have really ruined them. I’ll find out later this week when I go back for my contacts follow-up. I stopped wearing them for a couple days because my eyes were very dry. I won’t give up wearing them though! Never! I’ve been stuck with glasses for awhile. I would love to have the flexibily to wear glasses or not wear glasses. (especially having bangs, or wearing hats.. yeah, big deal right?)

 I definitely like wearing this hat with shorthair. I think that was the main inspiration for this look..




Foxy Cuts, Hail, Honey Toast


Last weekend I got my hair colored for the first time. It was a crazy short journey to get to the salon Foxy Cuts. It was raining, which is usually alright. With the unpredictable diagonal cuts of streets, it took us a couple extra turns to get there. Which also would usually be alright. But then, only in a matter of 30 seconds, we were soaked down to the socks, and I was pretty much swimming in my boots. It hailed so hard, it was painful! Continue reading “Foxy Cuts, Hail, Honey Toast”