Monorail Espresso

Monorail espresso cup sleeveThis past weekend I was waiting for the 522 for the longest time. I don’t know where it got stuck in the middle of downtown, but I’m certain it had skipped a trip. during this long wait, I decided to get some coffee at that espresso stand I’ve been itching to try every time I see it. Monorail Espresso. There was a small line, served by a man with an Italian accent (or I believe to be Italian). Waiting in line, I saw old photographs stuck behind the espresso machine. Print photographs in this decade already automatically give them a retro feel. This one is for real, though. Continue reading “Monorail Espresso”


Moving in Midtown Seattle: what’s good so far..

It has been a busy weekend, and before I knew it, the work week is about to end as well.

I am getting cozy in my new place already. The move was probably the most pain-free moving experience I’ll ever have. I was settled by the first day. In addition to the cozy place, there were plenty to enjoy outside upper downtown.  Continue reading “Moving in Midtown Seattle: what’s good so far..”