The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #2: Sugar


Last time I discussed how much I had to adjust to get my daily coffee dose. I did instant coffee packages, canned iced coffee, instant coffee from vending machines, and instant coffee from milk tea shops. Also, for a little time period, I just completely stop drinking everyday.

I still don’t drink everyday. I only have something like above, once or twice a week or so. I’ve been big on drinking water recently because of how hot it got the past couple weeks (30*c/86*F in my room!). Continue reading “The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #2: Sugar”


Amateur filming in Chengdu

I’m a week late on filming and finally, it got a kick start with a perfect cloudy day.

I was going crazy with the project plan that I left in the dust from a month. A good production needs a good plan. Also, a good documentary should be able to unfold itself as the filming goes, in my opinion. Continue reading “Amateur filming in Chengdu”