Language Learning: Back on the High

2012: Yesterday, the club outside just put this up…Titanic… So interesting how today, people celebrate ‘festivals’ by the ‘media waves’ and by the fact that ‘everyone’ is watching it or talking about it that makes it matters.

I’ve been gone for a couple weeks in depression. I felt a little ill inside, as if something inside me died. But I was wrong! I was never dead, just hibernating.

I had midterms last week, and I felt like I did much better than all of last semester’s exams. Continue reading “Language Learning: Back on the High”


The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #1 The Adjustment.

Second hand coffee machine in my home in Washington

I was drinking a lot last summer. That summer, my friend gave me his dirty coffee machine – my first coffee machine. And the same friend sent me some tea from Taiwan. While I was tasting the tea leaves, I sent my thanks to him on MSN, told him that I’ve never tasted tea like this before, then told me that the real gift was the trendy designed tea steeper, not the black tea or the oolong, said to be the tester for the steeper. Continue reading “The Journey to Coffee in Chengdu #1 The Adjustment.”